Mountain Stats

Vertical Drop 952 ft.
Summit Elevation 2100 ft.
Base Elevation 1148 ft.
Skiable Acres 220
Easier Trails 20
More Difficult Trails 16
Most Difficult Trails 15
Expert Trails 5
Terrain Parks 4
Average Annual Snowfall 122″
Average Season Length (in days) 113
Snowmaking Coverage 83%
Ski Lifts 8
Tubing Lifts 1
Longest Run (Arcadian Gate) 1.5 mi.
Steepest Run (Olympian) 40 deg.
Night Skiing Yes, 7 nights
Junior Ski and Ride Program Yes
Babysitting Yes
Adaptive Ski Program Yes
Tubing Center Yes
Ski Shop Yes
National Ski Patrol Yes
Cross Country Trails Yes
Snowshoeing Yes
Equipment Rental Yes
Telemark Skiing Permitted Yes
Ski Key (Int’l Lock System) Yes
Dining Venues 7
Central Reservations System Yes
Opening Date 11/24/17
Night Skiing Starts Mid December (Tentative)
Night Skiing Ends Mid March (Tentative)
Closing Date 1st Saturday in April (Tentative)

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