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Lesson Process

  • For all programs, you will need to purchase your Lift Ticket and Lessons.
    • If you need Rentals, go to the Rental Shop located in the big building to the left side of the resort. You can purchase your rentals, tickets and lessons all at one convenient location.
    • If you do not need Rentals, proceed into the Katalima building next to the drop-off area. Go to the Ticket Window to purchase your lift ticket and lesson.
    • If you have children in JSRS lessons, go directly to the Rossignol Junior Ski and Ride Building for lesson and equipment rentals. (Learn more....)
  • Once you have your lift ticket, lesson information, and rentals, go to the Rossignol Experience Meeting Spot located at the left side of the base area.
  • You will be greeted by our friendly Ski & Ride School Staff and placed in lesson groups.
  • A first-time skier or rider will be placed in a group with other first-timers and assigned an instructor. Once they meet, the instructor will get some background information to customize the lesson.
  • Then your instructor will take you to an area to begin your lesson.
    • Intermediate or advanced skiers and riders will go up the mountain
    • First-timers/beginners will remain at the base of the mountain and become familiar with their equipment.
  • After this, beginners will start with some easy sliding exercises on flat terrain.
  • Once comfortable on flat terrain, your instructor will introduce you to some terrain with a slight slope. Here you will learn how to turn in both directions and stop.
  • Then, you will proceed to our surface lift – Boardwalk. On the Boardwalk, you simply stand on a moving carpet which will take you to the top of our very easy learning terrain. At this point, you will continue to improve your turning and stopping.
  • Once proficient on this terrain, you and your instructor will head over to our Alpha trail and lift. After your instructor explains how to use the lift, you will take the lift up to the top of our very easy learning terrain. After your first run down this trail, you will be hooked!

 Helpful Tips for Guests

  • Arrive on Time or a little early if possible. On busy weekends and holidays, plan to get to the mountain between 8 and 8:30 a.m., especially if you have children and/or rental equipment is needed. Leave yourself enough time to arrive promptly at the Learning Center.
  • Supplying accurate information (ages, abilities, height, weight, etc.) to our experienced staff provides the best results for your child and you. Please remember at least one parent must remain on the mountain while a child is in any program, or should be reachable by phone in case of an emergency. (Medical Release Forms are required at the Junior Ski & Ride School.)
  • Dress in layers; more is better than less.
  • When it is extremely cold on the mountain due to temperature or wind chill, classes will take frequent breaks to prevent frostbite.
  • Remember to use sunscreen and protective eye wear on sunny days.
  • Just in case you forgot some of your gear, the shop in the Catalima carries a variety of items to help you enjoy your day and a few others to help you look better while you’re doing it.

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