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College Courses for Skiing and Snowboarding

Course Description

SUNY Cortland students can take a downhill skiing or snowboarding course at Greek Peak Mountain Resort. You’ll have fun while learning or improving your skills and get college credit at the same time.  Greek Peak offers the following five levels of ski and snowboard instruction:

Never Ever (Level 1) - this level is for those who have never tried skiing or snowboarding

Beginner (Level 2) - this level is for those who have skied or snowboarded before, are able to get on and off a chairlift and are comfortale on green circle (easy) trails

Intermediate (Level 3) - this level is for those who can link turns but still moderate speed and are comfortable with blue square (intermediate) trails 

Advanced (Level 4) - this level is for those that ski/board with good technique and confidence on all terrain and snow conditions and are comfortable on black diamond (expert) trails

Expert/Instructor Development (Level 5) - this course is for advanced level skier and snowboarders interested in teaching skiing or snowboarding.  Ski & Ride School policies and procedures, progressions in learning, and teaching skills are some of the areas that will be covered

The course runs for six (6) consecutive weeks on Monday evenings at Greek Peak starting 1/28/2019 and ending 3/4/2019. The course includes a 5 hour pass, 1 ¾ hour lesson, and rentals if needed, offered in a package deal through the Recreation, Parks & Leisure Studies Department. It is important that your schedule permits attendance on this night throughout the season.

How the Course Works

When you arrive at Greek Peak, you will be met by a Greek Peak representative who will take attendance and make announcements.  All students will receive their College PE Photo ID card at their first class/session.  This card must be worn on your jacket for every class as this serves as your lift ticket/rental pass.  If you drive to Greek Peak, you will go to the College Program Ticket Window in the Katalima building (across from the Welcome Center), present your college ID card, and state that you are participating in the College Credit Ski/Snowboard Program to pick up your College PE Photo ID card.  Each week thereafter, you will go to the same window to check in to verify your attendance.

The lesson meeting spot is located next to the Alpha Slope (Beginner’s Chair Lift). Please be there 10 minutes early.

The lesson times are as follows:

  • Beginner Lessons are at 4:30pm
  • Intermediate or Advanced Lessons are at 6:30pm

Course Registration:

Students must register for the course with both the College’s RPLS Dept. and Greek Peak. You may register with the RPLS Dept. during pre-registration or up until the first class meeting.  Be sure to register for the section you need: REC 111 Snowboarding or REC 112 Skiing.  This course will be bursared through SUNY Cortland.

To register with Greek Peak, go to:  When you register with Greek Peak you will be able to select the option of renting equipment and the level class you would like to take.

Fees and Payment:

The course and equipment rental, if needed, will be invoiced to your college account.  You have the option of renting a helmet through Greek Peak at a cost of $42, which is paid for at the Greek Peak registration site.


Be sure to dress warmly. Outer clothing should be windproof and waterproof.  It is better to over dress and shed additional layers than to lack the appropriate clothing.

Student Responsibility:

All students who sign up for this course are responsible for checking their college e-mail accounts for messages. Communications like class cancellations will be emailed to you. Please check for your messages the day before and the day of your class.

The following must be achieved in order to receive college credit this course:

  • Attend at least one of the first two scheduled lessons.
  • Attend a total of four of the six lessons offered

Course Fee Reduction Policy

It is the policy of Greek Peak Mountain Resort that no reduction of course fees will be given for withdrawals from the course which occur after your college’s DROP deadline.  A consideration will be given for medical conditions (occurrences) that prevent a participant from completing their ski/snowboard program. 

Withdrawals Prior to the Drop Date

Any student that drops the course prior to the College's drop date  must turn in your photo ID pass to the SUNY Cortland Instructor of Record prior to the next scheduled class or you will be charged for that next class.  After the College's drop date, the full course fee will be charged.

Medical Illness or Injury

Anyone seeking a course fee reduction due to illness or injury must send a request, including medical documentation, (physician’s statement or hospital report, containing diagnosis and treatment) to the Greek Peak College Director, Mary Gerlach immediately after the diagnosis and prior to the next scheduled class.  Your photo ID pass must be turned in to the SUNY Cortland Instructor of Record for submission back to Greek Peak.

The reduced fee (amount charged) will be a prorated portion of course fees (lesson and rental fees) based on the number of required class sessions remaining after the occurrence date of the medical condition preventing participation, less a $10 processing fee.

The full course fee will be charged if withdrawal occurs after completion of a 4th lesson.

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