School Program Registration

Registration Procedures

Online Registration Procedure:

On-line registration for school programs will open when the advisor registration form is submitted and the online website is ready to be launched.  Please have your program pass holders and student season pass holders register online.  We will still continue to require season pass holders to register online for the program.

Directions for Registering Online:


  1. Select “Peak Pack Registration”
  2. Select your school
  3. Select the type of pass:  student program pass, parent program pass, or season pass holder
  4. Add helmet, meal and/or lessons (if season pass holder).  If no lessons for season pass holder select “0 Lessons)
  5. Click “Add to Cart”
  6. If you are registering multiple participants click “Continue Shopping” and repeat steps 2-6.
  7. Once you have the desired number of passes
    1. Select “Add a participant” located next to each of the main item(s)
  8. For returning participants click “look up guest” for new participants click “create new guest.”
    1. Returning Participants
      1.  Enter birthdate format mm/dd/yyyy and select verify
      2. Update all information and picture
      3. Click “save”
    2. New Participants-
      1. Enter all required information.
      2. Format for username (ex:  Username123)
      3. Format for password (ex: Password123)
      4. Format for birthday (mm/dd/yyyy)
      5. Upload a picture
      6. Click “Save”
  9. Cart
    1. Once all of your information is attached and completed to each pass you selected  Click “Proceed to Checkout”
    2. Enter Purchaser/Cardholder Information
      1. Click Change/Set Purchaser only if billing address that is shown is not correct for the card.
    3. Enter credit card information (options for card on file, update card on file, gift card/advisor credit)
    4. Click “Finalize Sale”
  10. Email Confirmation will be sent


There is a $27.00 Lost Pass Replacement Fee

What level should I sign my child up for?

Every skier and snowboarder in our school programs will be observed and evaluated to ensure we match their skill levels with their peer groups during their lesson times.  Every effort is made to place students in a safe, fun, and effective learning experience.  These 'skill' levels are guides for parents and guardians to help us match the student's level or experience to an appropriate group during the lesson. As the lesson evolves it is not uncommon for us to move students between groups to better accommodate their skill levels to goals of the lesson groupings.

Never Ever - brand new, first time skiers or snowboards; this will be the same if they are trying a new discipline, such as a skier starting to snowboard, or snowboarder trying skiing

Beginner - beginning skiers and snowboarders are able to stop, turn left and right, ride a chair lift (Chair 3 at Greek Peak) and navigate the terrain on the Alpha slope at Greek Peak.

The goal of our Beginner classes is enhance their skill levels and to build confidence as they develop into more accomplished skiers and snowboarders that will allow them to experience more varied terrain.

Intermediate - intermediate skiers and snowboarders have confidence on all the 'Green' circle trails of Greek Peak and might have started to experience some of our 'Blue' terrain.

* intermediate skiers are 'matching' (starting parallel) in their turn and can stop with their skies matched across the fall line; they are using their poles to initiate their turns; and control their speed with turn shape on all 'Green' circle terrain

* intermediate snowboarders can link heel and toe side turns, stop in both directions, and can manage their speed thru turn shape on all 'Green' circle terrain

The goal of the Intermediate skier and rider classes is to introduce skills and refine techniques to extend their experience of skiing and riding on varied terrain in varied conditions.

Advanced All Mountain - advanced skiers and snowboarders are confident in their abilities on all 'Blue' square terrain at Greek Peak and are able to ride all our chair lifts without supervision.

* advanced skiers will, in most of their skiing, have skis matched in a parallel alignment throughout their turn and will be able use corresponding edges to guides ski in a path across the fall line; they will use their poles to affectively initiate turning, and be able to side-slip in both directions

* advance snowboarders can link heel and toe side turns; control speed by longer and medium radius turn shapes on 'Blue' square terrain; can demonstrate skidding maneuvers as well as heel and toe side switch turn

The goal for the Advanced All Mountain skiers and snowboarders is to enhance their skill and improve their confidence to ski or ride on all of the terrain at Greek Peak in most conditions.

School Program Members, Families & Friends…

We are pleased to offer a way to register and pay for your child’s school ski & ride program using our online registration service. You will be able to register 24/7 on a secure site.

Payment can be made with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express credit/debit cards.

Trouble registering or need to pay by cash or check

For whatever reason if you are unable to register online please download the 2017/18 School Program Registration Form.  Make sure your payment amount is correct before mailing cash or a check as there are pricing deadlines and the balance due will be calculated based on the date that the form and payment is postmarked.  Complete this form and return to: 

Kim Thayer

Program Director

Greek Peak Mountain Resort

2000 State Rte 392

Cortland NY 13045

If you have any questions, please contact your program’s advisor. You can also contact Kim Thayer in the fall at or 844-846-9575.  

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