NASTAR Racing @ Greek Peak

What is NASTAR?

NASTAR is the acronym for National Standard Race and is the largest public recreational ski race program in the world. Currently sponsored by Liberty Mutual, NASTAR allows skiers to see how they rank against the US Ski Team. Since 1968, skiers have raced NASTAR at 115 participating resorts. Greek Peak is one of these resorts. Races will be held on Christy’s Run on Saturdays and Sundays. Registration can be done at the top of Christy’s Run prior to timed runs. Racers win Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze medals depending on the handicap earned in their age and gender category each time they race NASTAR. Results are posted on

In addition to NASTAR, Wednesday Night Racing and Team NASTAR events are held on Christy’s Run. Look below for further information on times held, dates, and entry fees.

All NASTAR races are handicapped. For more information, please call Greg Brown at Greek Peak Ski & Ride School at (607) 835-6300. Press 8 and follow prompts to ext. 6314.

NASTAR Racing Schedule for 2018-2019 Season

Dates / Times: Every Saturday and Sunday. Times are 10:30am-1:30pm.
Cost: Medal: Adults $7 for two runs; Junior (14 and under) $4 for two runs.
Non-Medal or additional runs: $2
Day Pass: $12 for unlimited runs.
Registration: Takes place at the start shack from 10:30am – 1pm.
Medals: Available at the bottom race start shack from 1-1:30pm, then after 2:30pm at the Ticket Window located in the Katalima.
Dates / Times: Qualifying Night is January 30th Race Dates:2/6, 2/13, 2/20 and  2/27, make up date is 3/6. 
Cost: $47 per person with season’s pass. 
Fee includes race fees, after race parties and awards.


Four person teams chosen by speed to ensure parity. This is a fun race open to all abilities and ages. You must attend the Qualifier on January 30th at regular time in order to be placed on a team.

Registration: Register at the start shack on Cristy's Run on the night of January 30th. For more information contact: Greg Brown @ 800.955.2754 ext. 6312

Getting Started

If you are new to the Liberty Mutual NASTAR experience you can register online to race any time during the year.

Click here to register online at NASTAR and save time at the resort!

If you have raced Liberty Mutual NASTAR since 1997 there’s no need to register again – we know who you are! However, you should quickly verify that you’re in the NASTAR database by searching for your last name in the field indicated at the top of their homepage. Also, we strongly suggest that you verify the personal information on your Race Record is complete and accurate prior to the start of the season.

When you go to race at any resort, to avoid confusion simply pay your entry fee, give the starter your NASTAR Registration Number and off you go. Did you forget your number? No problem – enter your last name in the field indicated at the top of the NASTAR homepage, hit search names and you’ll see it listed next to your name. It is also indicated on your Race Record. Now don't forget it again!

Want to learn more? Click here to register online today for additional information on Nature Valley NASTAR and answers to a number of frequently asked questions.


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